First-time blogger here *waves* I’ll admit I always thought blogging was reserved for self-absorbed people, but what the hey, vanity in limited amounts may actually be good for the soul.

So I suppose I should begin by explaining what I’ll be posting on this blog. An online friend of mine actually created a blog in my name using another blogging platform, where she posted most of my fanart. Unfortunately it was in French, so I could never quite read the feedback I received. Thus I’ve decided to open my own blog and begin posting my stuff. Now I’m aware I’m a newbie at this and the impression I got was that blogs were used to post one’s deep, philosophical thoughts about any given subject matter, but I don’t care, I’m using it to post my work, including fanart, poetry and perhaps, occasionally, short stories I’ve written.

Let’s get this party started!

Here are four wallpapers from the television show “Lost”. Click on the images for a 1024×768 wallpaper. Enjoy and if anyone in this world ever stumbles upon this blog and doesn’t think it’s lame, then please do show some love.





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