Smallville, The OC, A Walk to Remember

Wallies from Smallville, The OC and A Walk to Remember, and a couple of banners I just made from Smallville. Hope ya like =)

Smallville S7

A Walk to Remember

If you are going to snag any of the banners for use on another site, I appreciate people asking me first, but if not, just host it yourself and you must credit me.


4 Responses

  1. nice one… 🙂


  3. oh i love the stuff
    first of all i love the movie a walk to remember and the wallie is beautiful!
    plus i just saw reckoning again today and the bann you made is amazing how did you do the color like this?
    and oh my the seth and summer’s wallie is so amazing i’m using it as descop right now plus i love the song forever young (even if it is marissa and ryan’s song)
    thanks for all those amazing arts

  4. Hey TeTe!

    Just to answer your question, to make the colours flash like that, I used Adobe Photoshop to create layers, then put them together using Adobe ImageReady.

    Thanks for dropping a line =D

    – Karen

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