Love Kristom?

I do! Here are some old kristom goodies. And for those not in the know, Kristom = Kristin/Tom aka Lana/Clark from Smallville. And I know TW is married and KK is dating, but their chemistry is just too incredible not to gush over.

Credit to Jana for the BTS “Aqua” pics. Don’t ask me for the originals because I can’t and won’t give them to you. Sorry. But you may snag the desktop and banners. Host banners yourself and credit me ❤


4 Responses

  1. Perfect Photos behind Scenes!!!! :)))
    i wish we had more off-set Photos like that and newer Bloopers!!

  2. They are in love!

  3. haha adorable banners. if tom wasn’t married i bet they would of gotten together.

  4. I wonder how are they in real life now that SV has cruelly ripped them and their chemistry off…. I mean are they still in contact and check on each other or not!

    these photos just show how incredible they are together and I wish we have more KRISTOM offset… sigh!

    it was on these days that we all felt that both share than just simple chemistry onset…. *beam with love*

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