A Walk To Remember

For all the fans of this sad movie ❤ Click on ’em for a 1024×768. I’m going to try and make some wallies from “The Notebook” as well. Will get them up asap.



27 Responses

  1. veryyyyyy wonderful pic
    i love this movie so much

  2. WOW! really good wallies! i luv that movie n u got really great wallies! cool site!

  3. Hello, I loved the poem so much I used it in one of my projects for a walk to remember… thanks ❤

  4. this movie is one of a kind..i really liked it….

  5. I saw this movie at school in spanish class because we had no work, anyway I started to cry i fell in love with it so i bought the movie on DVD and i am going to buy the book in borders

  6. it is the best film that i have ever seen!!! perfect….

  7. my gosh this is one of the best wallpaper sites i’ve been to.

    great job! x:x twothumpsup x:x

  8. Really love this film!!!

  9. I lovvvee the backgrounds. It may be a old movie , but i own it i still watch it alooot xD

  10. THIS IS AN AAMMAAZZIINNGG MOVEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of my top ten movies. GGGGOOOOOOOOOO MANDY!!!!!!!!

  11. ahh oh my gosh, that was a really good poem. im using it for one of my language arts projects, just what i was looking for. thanks!! oh and the movie is AMAZING

  12. I love it

  13. WOW! i love this movie! and i love shane west! this movie is amazing!

  14. hola soy carla de argentina vi la pelicula y es hermosa me gusto mucho aguante mandy moore q es una diosa!!!! y shane es un bombon!!!!!!!!! besitosssss!!!!!!!

  15. ……………………..
    for a week after watching this movie,, i can’t concentrate om my job……

  16. nice movie what an amazing movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. i think that they should come out with a awalktoremember 2

  18. one word.
    AMAZING !!
    The best movie i’ve ever since!!

  19. so romantique.. so beautiful storry.

  20. thanks for this one

  21. from the trailer up to watching the movie itself…it’s well crafted…the story and the characters…superb! i’m still having goosebumps whenever i watch it and i will never get tired of watching it over and over again…this is the movie where i never forgot Mandy and Shane’s remarkable performance….love it!!

  22. Speachless……..
    for a week after watching this movie,, i can’t concentrate om my job……

  23. i love this film

  24. overwhelming….

  25. I love this movie, it is beautiful and i cried. I think this is my favorite movie ever.

  26. where do you edit these? LOL i know you wont tell but i really want to make something like this.. :/

  27. nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    a walk to remember is the best

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