I’m back!

Hey people. I’m still jetlagged and my sense of time is totally messed up after a month in America and a 15 hour flight back to Bangkok (we’ll continue on home to Australia in two days…that’s another 7 hours on the plane), but I’m finally back and glad to be so. America was…interesting, but I’m loving what I saw of Canada more =P They are a good looking bunch, as shallow as that sounds. I’m not surprised Kristin’s Canadian, although I didn’t get a chance to visit Vancouver, unfortunately. Maybe next time.

There were good moments in America too though. I caught on after a few times asking where the ‘toilet’ was and receiving strange looks as the sales assistant raises her eyebrow and goes “restroom?” Haha. You guys have some nice restaurants/cafes/bakeries/etc. though. Very generous on the servings. And shopping, wow. I just wish I had more time in San Francisco and NY.

Well look at me go on. Here’s some clana wallies. For the person who requested other wallies, they will be coming along once I’m back in Australia, so don’t worry, I’m not blowing you off. I’m a very reliable person, thee most if you ask my friends =)

You know what to do. Click ’em for actual size.


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