It’s been a while, eh?

Credit & host if you use on another site please.

Click for 1024×768 ❤


5 Responses

  1. Hey! I love ur wallpapers, they’re so cute!! But can u pleaseeeee make som from Lois&Clark! Cause i love them! That would be so great! Best wishes to u 🙂

  2. hi there…
    your wallpapers are cool. hope you can post more clana wallpapers soon. your poems are great. been following them and i copy pasted one of your great poems (i’m okay) in my blog, crediting you. really love all your work. nicely done.
    btw, if you could maybe post some charmed wallpapers? my friends and i would love them. anyways, thanks.=)

  3. i like the way you play with words and all the rhymes in your poems. looking forward to see your new posts.XD

  4. hey where did you get the sot to use from the last manipulation? could you send them to me? Been searching for them everywhere.

    • Hey,

      Sorry, not sure what you mean by sot?

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