“Yellow Fever”

My new favourite show: Supernatural. This show absolutely kicks ass. Don’t even get me started on the eye-candy. Here’s three wallies from the episode “Yellow Fever”, which was totally hysterical! You gotta love Jensen Ackles. Click for 1024×768.

It’s doubtful I’ll have any more new Smallville stuff until Lana returns (but I can always post oldies). I’m sorry but I can’t stand the idea of Lois and Clark on Smallville, so I’ve ceased watching the show, which is just horrible these days.

I’m thinking of doing a few “Gossip Girl” arts for the pretty of it, so fans of that show, keep an eye out ❤


One Response

  1. i love jensen and I love kristin. could u do a wallpaper for them? 😀 like as themselves together and dean/lana, LOL.

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