Three Clark/Lana wallpapers from the recent episode of Smallville “Bride” (Lana’s return yaaay!). My interest in this show has faltered. I find the ongoings somewhat absurd and ridiculously amusing. But despite that, my love for this couple will never die. And naturally, KK is always gorgeous.

I’m not totally feelin’ these wallies (haven’t made art in a while), but here they are ❤




Click ’em for 1024×768.


And to the individual who requested wallpapers from the series “Charmed”, I would be more than happy to whip some up =) I did watch this show for a while and I loved it. If there are any specific images you want me to use, do throw a link or just let me know! I do take most requests. Otherwise I will pick random images haha.


4 Responses

  1. hi there, the new post its incredible. anyway, i don’t have much nice pictures of Charmed but i do think that your choice of pictures will be just perfect. thanks.
    btw, i used some of your banners and some other clana pictures to create a wallpaper. it isn’t that nice compared to yours but i would like to know your opinion. it’ll be in my blog.
    thanks again=)

  2. Hi Karen, just wanna let you know that i find your works are really amazing and inspiring. I could feel every single word in your poems and they are great.
    I love the show and i’ve got the whole DVD collection from season 1 – 7, and still collecting. And i love clana as much as you do and i think that this season of Smallville sucks too because Lana’s not with Clark anymore and it’s sad. sigh* Anyway thanks for the support i’ll be more creative and post more better artworks.
    All the best.=)

  3. hi wendy here.=)
    i posted another wallie in my blog. let me know whatcha think about it k. thanks=) you’re great

  4. haha, i tried watching the first episode from season 8, but I failed after the 1st ten minutes. I knew without Lana and more Lois I would beat my computer to pieces. Only tuned in for the 5 episodes that Kristin returned^_^

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