Clana wallpapers

Two Smallville wallies. The first is a “Bride”/clana combination and the second is from the upcoming episode  “Legion”. I just fell in love with the song they used in “Bride” during the loft clana scene, I had to use it on the second wallpaper here. It’s called “Possibilities” by Nadia Fay. Any clana fans will like this song. It is the embodiment of everything clana represents. You can find it on her MySpace.




3 Responses

  1. I love the first one and how you used the writings from the comic strip. It was true and sweet. And it showed that what Clana had is more special than Clois. She knew him before he became Superman. And if anyone ever care, Lois was in love with Superman and never care too much for Clark. But once she found out Superman’s identity, that love transferred to Clark as well. Lois loves the “super hero”.

    But it was never as pure as Clana.

  2. Ya me too… like Clana best.

  3. I really love loved clana and is still making new Bg’s for them while finding really good ones already done up. Smallville isnt the same withhout the main princess Lana Lang!!!

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