Legion Wallies

It’s been a while. And it’s 2009! Happy belated New Year everyone, haha O_o Well, I have three wallies for you from the latest Smallville episode “Legion”. I’ve stopped watching this show, but the Clark/Lana scenes made me happy heh… They’re finally giving Lana Lang the role she should have had throughout the entirety of this show, and FINALLY acknowledging her significance in history and in Clark’s life. In my opinion, it’s still all too little too late, but I’m glad they came to their senses for KK’s final few episodes. Although I read she’s not completely against returning for the series finale. It’d be nice to have the big three back for that one. Anyway, here are the wallpapers. Click to make ’em bigger!





One Response

  1. It took the writers 8 years to make Lana into someone all the fans knew her to be.

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