Alas, my fellow clana fans, Smallville has finally come to an end for us. I’m sorry it took a while to post these. I’ve been grieving the end of our beautiful clana relationship, and also (for me), the end of a show I’ve watched and invested myself into for eight years. I still remember watching the Pilot episode with my older brother when I was 12 years old. Now I’m turning 20 next month. In many ways, and as sad as this sounds, Smallville has been a huge part of my life. I wouldn’t be the same person without it. The “golden years” of Season 1 to Season 3 taught me a lot, and to an extent, made me who I am today. So even though the show got crappy, I’m still thankful for the lessons it used to teach of sacrifice, family, honesty, love. It was a great show to grow up with during my teenage years. All those hours spent locked in my room “studying” when I was actually writing fan fics and poetry and playing around with Adobe Photoshop!

As for KK’s final episode “Requiem”.. My, my, it was heartbreaking. I cried so hard during the final clana scene, which explains the delay in me posting these. It was about two whole days and nights of just bawling my eyes out. I could barely make the arts without breaking down. Oh how pathetic I am, I hear you say. Well, I don’t care. I loved this show and this couple. Kristin and Tom are responsible for making me believe that, maybe, true love exists. Their chemistry is truly unbeatable. At the moment, I’ve moved onto the next stage of grieving/recovery and doing my Season 1 Smallville marathon. Definitely helps in easing the pain from “Requiem”. I can’t believe this is the end! We’ve come so far, so much has happened *sigh* I never pictured Clark and Lana ending this way when I thought about it all these years, but at the same time, these writers have truly immortalised their love story. But enough ranting, here’s the art from “Requiem”. I’ll start with the sad stuff.

Click on the walls for a 1280×800 size. I’ll be doing all wallies in this size from now on. It makes more sense since my computer requires that size wallpaper for a desktop haha (it’s just that I don’t really use my own wallies O_o). But yeah,  people have asked for this bigger size, so there ya go!











Not to sound repetitive, but you MUST host and credit me if you’re going to use any of the wallpapers, banners or repost my poetry on another site. Thank you. I shall post the next installment of “Requiem” stuff tomorrow ❤


6 Responses

  1. wow!!
    gorgeous banners and walls!!
    You´re the best in this!!!
    I LOVE CLANA!! And this arts are amazings!!!
    We wainting for more ok?
    Don´t stop for made clana arts!! Pliss!!
    We wanna more clana arts!!!

  2. this was my favorite episode of smallville and it was sad because of the end of clana.

  3. this episode was so sad kk’s performence was amazing! your wallies and banns are beautiful!

    for the bann my broken heart belongs to you i love that one! i love the flashback you know that =)

  4. and as for the wallies the second one is amazing i love the bluish coloring and i love the lyrics from TS tht you choosed so heartbroken! and i love the tast one too with the flashbacks plus i saw his episode again yesterday 😛 i think i’m gonna start a SV marathon of the first seasons

    you’re 20 today right?
    have a really nice day

  5. You took the words out of my mouth. And with these graphics, thank you for showing their pain and love for each others. They’re absolutely amazing. Right now I’m 21, so I know what you mean by growing up with Smallville. The show is definitely over for me as well, I wish that the show would of ended the right way and not keep dragging on like the renewed for what season 9?

    Lol, I too had a marathon after Requiem. All of my poor DVDs of all the seasons:(

  6. Thank you so much….

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