Who I’ll Be

A few oldie clana wallpapers I made a looong time ago (hence the 1024×768 size). Don’t be afraid to drop a line. Your lovely comments are very much appreciated ❤







5 Responses

  1. Gorgeous!!!
    I love this clana walls!!! OMG!!
    I´m you´re fan!!
    Make more please!!!!
    We waiting for more ok?

  2. I am at awe with your skills on making Clana wallies. You never cease to amaze me and capture Clana moments in time. I know when ever I miss Clana, I just pull out one of your works and smile. Any chance you might venture in more S1-S3 wallies?

    The one at the graveyard, just brings back so, so many memories of Clana.

  3. the poems are beautiful i especially like the second one
    as for the wallies i’m in love with the first one the beginig of everything with this beautiful pic from the pilot and the other pics on the top plus the coloring is beautiful as for the other ones i prefeer the first version of it and the last

  4. hi there karen. what more can i say you are getting better and better in editing and i love all your works; wallpapers,banners to poems. they are all very sweet and shockingly beautiful. i haven’t been able to reconnect with all those wallpaper-making mood,been busy.hope to see more cool posts of yours, check back my blog. will update and post some arts there soon. thanks.=) ciao

  5. aaaww! these ones r gonna make me cry. Sweet old Clana:_( there will never be a couple with such a chemistry. Even if Lois and Clark end up together, they don’t have a chemistry that even match Clark and Lana.

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