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Two oldie clana wallpapers from my collection (hopefully I haven’t posted them already). Click for 1024×768.




7 Responses

  1. a beautifully crafted sentiment.

    lovely banner btw 🙂

  2. Hey,
    don’t worry because they’re “oldies” like you call them because as long as its CLARK & LANA, everything is perfect!!!
    do you think you could post some wallpapers for episode “hidden” specially at the end when they reunite.
    THANKS!!! =]

  3. all of you wallies are just amazing & i love them all ..
    can you make more wallpapers of clana !! ..

  4. all of your wallies are just amazing ..
    can you make more wallpapers of clana !!!

  5. your work is amazing 😉 love this couple and love your art.

    I have, well I don’t know a request..
    can you make wallpaper for episode 8×13, power.. at the end of the episode, this scene on the roof was amazing… and I’d love to have such wallpaper but which will include this beautiful sunrise as a main part of wallie but not the only part.. 😀

  6. OMG!! Just… GORGEOUS!!!
    This banners and walls are amazing!!!
    Please… make more… we need more of your arts…
    Please can you make a wall from RELIC. of the clana fly scene… pleaseeee!!!!

  7. first the wallies are beautiful even if i allready know them from sweet. and second waw your story! i think you already know that i love you’re writing you have such a great talent and you make me laugh cry and everithing in all your fic oh and that part

    “I remember what lies ahead of me
    I’m scared to death of what it may be
    I wish I lived inside a book
    No further would I have to look”

    so like me!

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