Random clana wallies from my collection. These were made a while ago – oldies.

So, anyway, I was watching the movie “Twilight” for the second time today and as much as I hate to admit this, I really love it. I haven’t read the books (still refusing to conform, but dangerously close to doing so O_o), but the film was all kinds of hawt. I’m a sucker for the whole dark, forbidden, angsty romance (like that’s a revelation). Plus Rob Pattinson isn’t half-bad to look at either heh. The point is, I’m thinking of doing some Twilight arts. So fans of the books/movie, keep a look out. I know there are a lot of you out there =P







Give me a yell if I’ve already posted any of these. I can be forgetful that way… but yeah, these ones are oldies so they’re 1024×768. Enjoy, my clana friends ❤ Next up: Twilight goodies.


6 Responses

  1. twilight is very good !! i have read twilight and have just started on new moon:) i don’t think that the books make the movie bad ! great !

  2. Eeeee. I think I have all your wallies, but I’ll just save it all just in case.

    Oh no, don’t fall into the Twilight craze. lol

    I saw it again the other day too, and I got the opposite affect from the movie. Lol It was so overrated, imo. Yeah I’ll probably get kill for that. I have two or three of books and never got thru even to the middle of the first book.

  3. do you gona make twiligth walls?!!!
    I love this movie… and the books too!!
    And… Edward… hahahahahahaha xD
    Anyway… This clana walls are amazing!!
    I miss you clana soooooo much!!!!

    Tanks!!! very tanks!!!
    we need you´re arts!!! pleasee!!
    hahahaha!! xD

  4. hey, girl!!!
    fisrt let me tell you that like always you’ve done an amazing job with you wallies. next, please DON’T EVER stop doing clana wallpapers just because you like Twilight now. don’t forget about clark and lana, even though it is now officially over 😦

  5. karen those walls are amazing once again i thing i know all of them allready i really love the how to save a life witch btw is a song that i love! where are the pic from lana on the botom? i figured it should be from season 6 or 7 since i totally zoomed those seasons (lexana rings a bell?) anyway i love the don’t leave me here one a scene that i adore!
    and i don’t know how many times i will say it but i love the way you play with the text it looks amazing
    and for the TW walls cant wait to see them for my part i liked the books but not the last oe and once you read the book te movie is not so good if i can say that i mean the movie is good but i prefer the book

  6. I’m not a fan of Twilight, so haha. Read the books and saw the movie. Not what the hype are all about.

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