This is just to start off. I’m intending to make more when I have more time! ❤




Click them for 1280×800.



3 Responses

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!
    I cant belive this!!!
    I HAVE TO TELL THIS: I´m you´re fan!!!
    This walls are perfect!!
    I love the coloring!!
    And i love TL!
    Great job!!!
    please!! Make more!! we wanna more!!! hahahaha XD

    • hello, i love twilight, and your art, it’s very good please meke more, i love it,

  2. ya know? even though people love twilight, to be honest i don’t love nor like it a bit. so you maybe you could post some CLANA fanart of your collections, i mean even if it’s old. don’t take me wrong, i totally still LOVE your work and hope you post more clark and lana stuff sometime soon.
    U’R’A great artist!!! :}

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