Beautiful Crush

More “Twilight” should be on its way once I get back in the mood for it. For now, here’s two new clana wallies from “Thirst” and “Crimson” respectively (click to make them bigger). Enjoy ❤





6 Responses

  1. thank you so much!!!
    wow!!! I miss clanaaaaaa!!!! waaaa!!!
    LOL hahahahah xD
    This walls are amazing!
    that kiss (thirst) was…. soooo hot!!! hahahaha!!
    I love this walls!!!
    but… we wanna more twilight!!!! We need more twilight!!!! hahahahaha….

  2. shut up Clark u talk to much! ahaha i loooove this scene!
    ur wallies are incredible i love the scene from crimson too coz at first she kinda push him off but then she respond to the kiss =) she just can’t resist
    good to have u back will u post ur new kk art too?
    missed ur art karen

  3. and the beautiful crush text is amazing it made me think of the song everything =)

  4. Oh…my…god. I’m drooling just looking at those two wallies. Goshness.

    Loves the poem too. A crush that turned into some extraordinary.

  5. They have so much chemistry it breaks my heart.

  6. Oh these wallpapers make me think of Lifehouse’s “Broken” song. *cries*

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