Clana/Kristom Banners

A few new Clana/Kristom banners. Enjoy ❤






Credit if you use on another site.



5 Responses

  1. 😀

    I love the second Clana ban and the Kristom ban.
    The effects and coloring you used are awesome.
    Great job!


  2. Waaa!! The last clana banners its so cool!! hahahaha!!
    The blooper its so funny!!
    Exellent job!!
    but.. we wanna more!!
    And we wanna bellward (bella and edward) banners and walls too!! Pleaseeeee!!!

  3. how should i put this, you are just so great!
    you not only inspired me you make me feel like making more wallpapers, and SOON! though i have to finish my assignments first. LOL!=)

  4. wow… i really like the poem. Secret crush huh?

    I love the banners, it kinda give off this shaking feeling to it.

  5. total gorgeousness. even though they’re simple, they’re beautiful.

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