ALL poetry has been moved to http://lilyklynn.wordpress.com

This is now solely a place where I will be posting various fanart. However, all poetry and short stories have now been moved to my new blog “Blank Pages”, which will be the primarily active one (so look for them there!). Please refer to the post IMPORTANT NOTICE for full info!

The rules still apply here, however, so please do not use/re-post any of my work on other websites without proper credit. Exception to this rule is using the wallpapers for your own personal desktop. Any use of the wallpapers in videos, as backgrounds for your blog/youtube page, please credit me as sweetsweetcandy.

I’m still happy to create artwork for anyone who would like to request a specific pairing from films/TV shows, or any other artwork request. Just leave me a comment letting me know the details!



PS To my fellow Sweets (you know who you are), I’ll be posting any new Clark/Lana artwork in the Multimedia threads as well. See you at the forum, darlings *muah*


35 Responses

  1. Hello! Could I use some of your beautiful backgrounds for the Smallville website I just started up?

  2. i do not have an email address currently, but what up with your page? wha is it eaxaclty about? isthere a way that we could download your beatiful posters? how do you make them? do you download the episodes? how?
    iknow i’m asking you a lot Karen but i totally love your page.since i do not have eail could you just post your answers sometime soon, on the page, PLEASE.
    P.S. again, just so you know i LOVE your posters!!!

  3. Hi Lisa,

    I’m not sure what you mean by what’s “up” with my page LOL, but it’s basically a blog for me to share my fanart and poetry (and I’m hoping some time in the future, short stories). Most of the fanart is from the show “Smallville” and is for the ship Clark/Lana. But sometimes I will make arts from other things as well. You are free to make requests!

    My wallpapers (I assume that’s what you meant by posters) are made using Adobe Photoshop. Yes, you can save them to your computer. Click on the wallie to make it bigger, and just right click to save it! Nothing to it πŸ˜‰

    Glad you like my stuff =)

    – Karen

  4. Hi karen. you know i’ve tryed to copy and paste but it won’t let me do it so, is there another way?
    where do you get all of these beautiful clark and lana pictures?

  5. Hey Lisa,

    All you need to do is right click and “save as”, then you should be able to save it to your computer. No need to copy and paste.

    Most of the clana pictures I cap myself from the episodes. Others are stills you can find floating around the web and on clana fansites.

    Hope that helps.
    – Karen

  6. KAREN: thank you for taking the time to answer my silly questions, don’t stop what you do. I so totally love your wallpapers!!! πŸ™‚

  7. how do you use adobe photoshop, i’ve tryed but it’s hard! thanks :))

  8. Hiya Lisa,

    My suggestion with Photoshop is just to play around with it. That’s how I got started. Experiment and you’ll get better with time. If you want to do any of the more advanced stuff, I’d probably buy a book that has directions. But most of what I do doesn’t require a book. It’s just practice and trial and error! Good luck!

    – Karen

  9. thanks, Karen!!

  10. Hey, Karen. I got a ? for ya.
    So, as of today when it comes to a total how many clana wallies did you post on this page?
    P.S. i love your new wallies, they’re so sad that when I see the I can almost feel the tears running down my face 😦

  11. Hey Lisa,

    Haha, that’s a tough question to answer. I really don’t know how many I’ve posted altogether! A lot, I think. I’ve made A LOT of wallies over the years. Not all of them are even posted on this blog.

    – Karen

  12. that’s ok karen I know you’ve done just to many to remember, but where do you have more wallpapes? i ask because i want to admire some more of your artistic beauties!!!
    bye :]

  13. Hi Lisa,

    I’m probably going to continue posting my older wallpapers/fanart on this blog (as well as anything new I make), so keep a look out. Before I created this blog, I posted all my stuff on the clana forum “Sweet”, but there’s no point looking there for my older work since it’d all be gone by now.

    – Karen

  14. hey, karen.
    you know a couple of days ago i asked if you could post some post some wallies for the episode hidden, especially for the clana reunite at the end, maybe you never read it, i do not know. i just hope that it does not bother you that i asked you again, it’s just that it makes me cry everytime i watch it. i’m a baby, i know! =(


  15. hey, there:
    you know, a couple of says ago i was thinking about how much smallville will suck now that lana is gone. and i wondered if there is anything that we, clana fans, can do about getting lana back; i thought maybe making a request to the writers of smallville with lots of signatures, but i don’t know anything about that and since you are in college and you are surely more familiar with internet web pages and that kind of stuff, i thought maybe you could give me a hand. what do you think???

  16. Hey Lisa,

    I think it’s highly unlikely Lana will return, since Kristin Kreuk has made it quite clear she is ready to move on from Smallville. Although she has expressed some interest in possibly returning for the series finale, I don’t think we will be seeing Lana until that point (that is, if KK does decide to take part in the finale episode at all).

    For me, I fully support Kristin’s decision to leave the show. It’s been a long time and honestly, the show is just dragging itself out. We got eight years of clana, and I’m grateful for that. I’m happy for Kristin to move onto her future endeavours and wish her the best. I’m still her devoted fan =) Smallville is over for me, but I will continue to support her.

    – Karen

  17. i fully understand what you feel, and totally respect your opinion; and even though i don’t agree with you on that one, do you know of anything, at all that i could do? because even though i know it’s ridiculous i still believe in clana (i believe that hope is the last thing that dies). if you don’t know of anything that’s pecfectly fine, i’m just wondering!

  18. Hi Lisa,

    The reason I think it’s pointless even trying to get clana back is because Kristin herself has firmly stated (more than once) that she is ready to move on from Smallville. And without the actress who plays Lana, how can they bring back clana? I’m an avid follower of Kristin Kreuk and all her endeavours, so trust me on this one, she’s been wanting out for a while now.

    See, it would be different if they fired Kristin off the show. But she wanted to leave. We can’t really force her to come back against her will and neither can the producers of the show now since her contract expired.

    Maybe I’m more okay with this because I’m a Kristin fan above all else. I do love clana dearly (wouldn’t have devoted almost half my life to it if I didn’t), will miss it, but I don’t see it coming back right now.

    Okay. Rant over!

    – Karen

    PS Hey, why don’t you check out this clana forum:

    That’s been my safe clana haven for years =P And I think I saw a thread in the General Talk section about curing Lana or something. I was happy for Kristin to leave since Smallville got crappy, hence why I choose not to take part.

  19. you know? even though i was trying to cover the sun with my finger, i now realize by what you’ve said that you you have always been right about it. it’s impossible to make K.K. return if she wants out. even though it feels like a stab all the way down to the deepest spot in my heart, i must admit the truth; but truly thanks for all your help, i will check out that page to catch up maybe!!!

  20. do you have anything that you could post for the episodes:
    wrath, promise, reckoning, lexmas, angeless, and action?
    p.s. what are the web pages where you find your pictures?
    p.s. THANKS :]

  21. do you make clana screensavers???

  22. i thought that i had wrote you another message, but i guess it didn’t post. anyways i asked you where you get you pictures for clana wallies, and also if u knew of any web page where i could download smallville episodes for free!!??
    P.S. are u making anymore clana stuff? pleaseeee do πŸ™‚

  23. Hey Lisa,

    I’m pretty busy at the moment. I don’t have much time to make new stuff, but hopefully if and when things cool down a bit, I can get to it.

    I don’t know of any websites where you can d/l Smallville episodes, sorry. I’d suggest buying the DVD box sets if you want all the older episodes in your collection.

    – K

  24. ok. thanks!!!
    do what you gotta do, ok? just relax!
    Forget what i said?

  25. Hey Lisa,

    You can find caps from Smallville episodes on the internet. Just google it.

    – K

  26. Hello, First I would like to see all of the work you have done is beautiful. I wanted to make sure it was all right to use the art work you did for Juliet/ Sawyer as a signature banner on a forum I frequent. Of course I will give you the credit with a link to this site. please let me know…

  27. Hello venusunev!

    Yep, you most certainly may use it as a banner on a forum with credit. Thanks for dropping a line too and asking (no one seems to do that haha). I appreciate it and I’m glad you like it.

    – K

  28. You love Clana, Supernatural, A Walk To Remember and Twilight. Same here. Do you like Phantom of the Opera (Gerard Butler version), If Only, Somewhere in Time, Titanic and Moulin Rouge, to name a few.


  29. I hope you can make some crossover wallpapers, hehe. We’re both KristinKreuk and Supernatural/Smallville fan and there are some good crossover videos out there that might make you see something with Lana & Sam, hehe.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmG3pBWUPQ8 (description is over there but the audio doesn’t work so use this link: http://www.4shared.com/file/12431787/3db0c54f/slrain.html)

  30. Hey Karen!!

    maybe you could make one Clark/Lois wallie? :))

    – Evelyn

    • Hey Evelyn,

      Do you mean like Dean Cain/Teri Hatcher, Brandon Routh/Kate Bosworth or TW/ED? If it’s TW/ED, what pictures of them would you like on the wallie (link, if possible)? I just can’t bring myself to go trolling for Smallville clois pictures, sorry =P I’ve never had good experiences with most clois fans and I can’t stand them together on Smallville, although I do think Erica seems like a sweetheart! So yeah, if you tell me what pics you want on the wallie, I can whip you something up =D

      – Karen

      • *cough* She shouldn’t even be in Smallville. If they were going to bring in Lois, they should of done it in later later season, not like what season 3? or 4? Heck, I don’t remember. Lois isn’t exactly my person.

        Though all the ppl in Smallville seem like nice ppl.

  31. Hii, really appreiate your thinking and creations, I read thru many… good and wish u all the best with all… πŸ™‚

  32. Dear Karen,

    I’m from Brazil and I liked so much yours fanarts. I’m a member of clana community and I chose one of your banners to my signature. How do you like the credits will be indicated?
    I’d like to use another in a fic, may I?
    However, thanks to share these beautiful images.

    • Hi Daniela!

      You can credit me to Karen or sweetsweetcandy. It doesn’t matter which =) And yes, with credit, you certainly may use it in a fan fiction. Glad you like my stuff!

      – Karen

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