A Walk to Remember #2
May 4, 2009

Two ‘A Walk to Remember’ wallpapers (click to make them bigger). Still adore this movie. It breaks my heart and I cry every time, but it’s something beautiful. Enjoy ❤




A Walk To Remember
June 3, 2008

For all the fans of this sad movie ❤ Click on ’em for a 1024×768. I’m going to try and make some wallies from “The Notebook” as well. Will get them up asap.


Smallville, The OC, A Walk to Remember
March 16, 2008

Wallies from Smallville, The OC and A Walk to Remember, and a couple of banners I just made from Smallville. Hope ya like =)

Smallville S7

A Walk to Remember

If you are going to snag any of the banners for use on another site, I appreciate people asking me first, but if not, just host it yourself and you must credit me.